A laptop and two screens on a standing desk. Papers, cords, two drinks, some mints are on the desk.

The Desk In-Situ

It took me two years of debating to get the standing desk. I should have just done it. I need to put things on the walls. I probably…

Derek\\\\\\\'s desktop! Top is the left side of the desk (with a view out into the garden). Bottom is the right side of the desk. Looking much tidier than normal

My office (or shed) in the back garden

Top is the left half. Bottom is the right side of my desk. Took a at the end of the Hacks for Hybrid Working session and shared it…

Image of cat sleeping on small table next to desktop.

Coworking space

I attempted to expand my desk space (for coffee mugs and water bottles) but it was very quickly occupied by my nosiest coworker, Ollie. So I did the…

Image of the home office

The bavacrypt control center

Here is a shot of the home office, you will notice two work/desk areas. This is because my youngest son joins me here to game. What’s more, we’re…

Daily view from desk

Here’s what my daily view from the desk looks like! I usually have these Nanoleaf LED lights turned on to a colorful scene (or plain white when I…

office space with two desks, computer monitors, and decorations with a dog.


Brandon and I built this desk together when we moved to our current house back in March. This space is relatively the same since except we have a…

A desk with three monitors and a laptop. Posters are on the wall behind it.

My Desk (Actually Cleaned)

This is how my desk looks like when it’s not covered in empty Yerba Mate cans (this time, only a single bottle of caffeinated water). Multiple screens surrounded…

A desk with a laptop, and two external monitors, and ipad and elgato stream deck

my desk in streaming mode

This is what my desk looks like when I’m doing a stream or making video stuff happen. I typically use a laptop and two external monitors, but when…

morning commute

My morning commute consists of checking in on my little plant babies. I’m particularly proud of this one and I think it will need to be potted soon!

luna says hello

Luna is my miniature goldendoodle/coworker! She gets a lot done around here. 🙂 In reality, she’s great at reminding me to take breaks.